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Philippa Ransome, Founder of Peninsula Mindfulness

Philippa Ransome, Founder of Peninsula Mindfulness

Philippa Ransome

Founder of Peninsula Mindfulness

We would like to acknowledge our gratitude to Philippa Ransomme, founder of Peninsula Mindfulness Incorporated. Philippa founded Peninsula Meditation and Mindfulness in 2010. Interested in how the mind works since childhood, Philippa studied with her Buddhist meditation teacher for 7 years and was authorised by her to teach meditation and mindfulness and she has been teaching since the late 1980′s. In 2013, The Mindfulness in Schools program was developed and Peninsula Mindfulness Inc was born.

We are so fortunate & thankful for Philippa, for her wisdom, vision, passion and the countless hours she put into creating PMI and we will continue to carry on her vision.




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